In SOMNI Arquitectura we offer ecological design as a quality alternative for your projects.

If you are not sure where to start with, we help you with the SOMNI FULL PLAN


SOMNI Arquitectura is a young studio led by Simon, a professional that has taken part in international projects, who establishes the brand with his team, in order to offer a sustainable service for architectural projects.

Based on a CREATIVE DESIGN, simple and functional, where the straight lines dominate, we achieve SPACIOUSNESS and COMFORT in reduced spaces.

! We can create an atmosphere in which you will share and enjoy with family and friends like you have never done before!

The COMMITMENT with our clients is our top priority and the search for SOLUTIONS to guarantee the project’s success has our 100% of RESPONSIBILITY

The ecological footprint nowadays has become of major importance and the respect to the environment is the key to take care of our planet. As a respectful brand with nature, we develop ecological design, reducing the production of new materials and managing the waste efficiently.


Arquitectura de Contenedores

Very easy, you have an idea and we make it happen.

We analyse your proposal, we understand its aspects and we find a BALANCED SOLUTION for your project.

We want your home, your business, your space, to transmit quietness and cheer you up

And if you know what you want but not where to start from…Don’t worry, we have the SOMNI FULL PLAN!

You might wonder…

With the SOMNI FULL PLAN we Will answer all your questions


We adapt the design to your style, we develop your project and we take care of all the paperwork and licenses.

How much?

We calculate the final cost of your project and we assist securing the loan approval for your tranquillity.


We estimate the duration and the delivery of your project, so you can plan getting ready to move in.


If you are one of those that has not found the land yet, we help you finding the right one for your project.


Because we are committed to achieve your happiness


Arquitectura con contenedores

Container architecture is a milestone in the reduction of the impact on the environment, being its strongest point the reuse of resources and construction elements.

Including shipping container units in the development of our projects, allows us working in environmentally friendly high solutions with multiple possibilities. Do you know yours yet?


The conversion of three shipping containers!

These three units have transported equipment, for the organization of a round the world sailing race, and now they have become a home of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room.

The exterior finish colour tones immerse the units in the surrounding nature, softening the industrial lines of the containers, while its terrace calls for rest and tranquillity amongst the silent trees.

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